Dec 28, at When you change the volume this shows up for a number of seconds. The USB input seems well implemented but at this price is going up against some products that can handle DSD over USB the actual number of things worth playing on DSD can be counted on the fingers of one knee but in the same way I might lose four stone, it is possible that this might change. The D has a very analogue voicing, very different from technical and digital sounding DACs. If you connect the DAC preamp to a power amp or active speakers, you have the makings of an ultra minimalist audio system.

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For Windows you need a driver for higher speeds, this being available from the McIntosh website. Post 8 of Listeners who are only used to digital music might consider the Mcijtosh too soft and slow, vinyl lovers will embrace the performance.

Only the Harbeth P3ESR showed a little more difference in the midrange and stereo image, still not enough to recognise each converter in a blind test.

No, create an account now. Within a McIntosh system or used in combination with other brands I can recommend the D unreservedly even with its limitations.

But I like music and the D will bring you lots. The McIntosh D is a fine product. Our Verdict This entry-level McIntosh is a solid and entertaining performer that mxintosh plenty of functionality. Post 13 of mcinyosh Music flows, warms your heart and surrounds you and not your speakers or system. Not for short moments, I would say for hours if you have the time to play music that long.


Lesson to be learned: Thank you for understanding. The USB is – as you might expect – an asynchronous type with a dedicated PC driver to ensure best results.

Any opinions / reviews on the new McIntosh D? | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

We better start listening to the D, after all this is far more important than tech talk. The large display is easy to read and at a glance, tells you all you need to know about the running of the DAC – input, sampling rate and bitrate. The presentation has the same balance between accuracy and engagement that the more expensive complete system possessed. Post 15 of This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

As luck would have it, the D turned up at the same time as a Yamaha A-S integrated amp; four grand of VU meters, a power transformer the size of a pumpkin, and most importantly, a direct input.

Tuesday, December 17, Spend some time with the McIntosh though and the case it makes for itself is more compelling. The D revealed to me over and over the high level of craftsmanship from the people in Binghamton USA. With the HD stock cablesthis results in a very pleasant listening experience. Volume control takes place in the analogue domain within a special chip driven by impulses from the front panel rotary knob.


The system clock is positioned next to the ESS Sabre converter. You own this Total 0. I enjoy the female singer Stacey Kent who has recently mcintohs a new album called The Changing Lightscovering a mix of easy listening, light jazz and South American tunes. Inside the box we find nicely arranged printed circuit boards.

McIntosh D100 Digital Stereo Preamplifier / DAC D-100

But I cannot prove it and I might be totally wrong on this point. It would be nice to have better specs on the headphone output. Apr 26, at 9: But I am sure that in a complete McIntosh chain, for instance the D in combination with the tube MC monoblocks or a MC stereo power amplifier with Autoformers, you will be very happy with the results. Thanks to the remote, it feels like a proper preamp and something that can actually work as part of your hi-fi system rather than being perceived as a sort of go between that lives nearer a computer than it does the rest of the system.

The red button turns it on and off and a small black button accesses the incidental menu functions.