Collecting dust in closet. The viewer has to open, or folded flat to the side of the camera with the LCD screen facing out to record. It does have a still picture button though that makes it act like a normal digital camera. Same when shooting video at closer distances. I wore it all day on my belt at the amusement park and didn’t find it uncomfortable.

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Jazz Elite HDV High Definition Camcorder | eBay

The audio is horrible but other footage I’ve seen is actually really good and tips on how to improve Live audio? The mic is on top of the camera, facing up, so you have to lean to control your voice, or you will be way louder than the subjects on camera. You just can’t use that while shooting video. If yours doesn’t have that, the I’d probably have the store exchange it. I’ve found that since I started using a flash camera, I’m recording more impromptu videos than before, and taking still images to accompany the recordings.

Your ad deserves to be on top. Keep in mind Vimeo transcoded this video to Flash, so some quality is lost.


Comes with 16 GB memory card.

The viewer has to open, or folded flat to the side of the camera with the LCD screen facing out to record. Here is a comparison udv178 taken with the 2MP camera on my iPhone: Yes, the first battery charge did take a long time.

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Is there something wrong with mine? You just plug a mini-USB cable in and it shows up as a mass storage device.

I tend to brace it on a railing or other object or use both hands to steady it. There is a power adapter supplied with it that terminates in mini-usb. I hope I dont have to delete what I recorded. Comes with charger, cables and manuals. Use Distance Search to find Ads based hdv17 where you are and how far you want to travel.

macrogeek: Jazz Elite HDV $99 HD Camcorder Review

Collecting dust in closet. I like my Panasonic MiniDV camcorder, but finding a queuing up a tape is a pain. Still trying to figure it all out. Anyone know how I can synchronize the vidio and audio? This isn’t unique to the HDV Check video for details Also check out my other ads for more sports equipment Please; in order to save time to everyone, note: I like it, a lot.


It should work i barely used it. I don’t like the placement of the flashbulb–I often cover it up with my finger without thinking. HD video looks good.

Since the HDV records to SD cards, you never have to find or rewind a tape, and the recordings and pictures are stored in individual files, so you can quickly find them and transfer them to your hard drive in any order without hdg178 to set up a FireWire connection and scrub an hour of tape for the clip you need. Made the whole thing look like some chinese movie.

I think it may supply more current when charging. It boots in about 5 seconds, so you can be up an recording very quickly.

Jazz Elite HDV178 High Definition Camcorder

Video camera for sale. HD Jazz video recorder. All info is provided here.

You can find more in my post: My wife bought this camera a couple of days ago.