Page Detects Ethernet transmission rate and Duplex settings automatically. Fuji Xerox technology automatically gives you the best results for photos, graphics and text. Delivered within 1 – 7 business days. The scanner wizard displays the scanning progress on the screen. Pull down the lever on the right to lock the drum cartridge in place.

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Slowly flip over the scanner unit and move the transportation lock to unlocked position before using the DocuPrint C FS. If the extension output tray is still not long enough for the paper you are loading, pull the extension output tray further.

Enter the number of copies you want to make using the number keypad. It may be a legal offence to print currency notes, certificates of stocks and securities, or any other documents of similar nature, regardless of whether they will be used.

Purchasing for Company Use? Before you using DocuPrint CFS Fax function, you need configuring the fax setting for location of the certified countries that offer fax as standard capability. Receive special offers and promotions from iPmart.


It also tells you how to maintain it and troubleshoot problems. Replace with the correct type of paper for printing.

Adjust contrast value from step toa value of corresponds to the darkest level and a value of corresponds to the lightest. From the [Start] menu, choose [Settings] option and click [Printers].

The access window cover is closed.

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CFS – ComputerFood

Click [OK] in the [Internet Options] dialog box. Load the yellow toner cartridge and close the front cover. CentreWare Internet Services Tool Repeat steps 1 through 7 until all cartridges are installed.

Page of Go. Move the levers back to their original positions, and then close all covers. Choose [Scan size] of your document size.

Connecting Fuji Xerox CFS to mac thro… РApple Community

Enter your postcode number: Please refer to section 5. Auto Refresh Interval Enter a time xeorx the contents displayed will be refreshed automatically. For details on each item and how to configure the settings, refer to the Online Help for the print driver.


Download the upgrade Firmware software from the service website or get a copy of the upgrade software from the service person to your local PC.

Table Of Contents Illegal copies and printouts The un-installation tool activates. Communication Log Display the fax transmission and receiving logs.

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint C2090FS

The toner cartridge carrier rotates and then stops. Product is required to return back to iPmart. For details, refer to the Online Help for the print driver. Page 94 Enter the name of the file to be stored.

The rubber pad should be facing up and the thinner edge be on the left. Fuji Xerox is not responsible for any breakdown of machines due to infection of computer virus c2090vs computer hacking.

Click [Install MFP software]. Page Detects Ethernet transmission rate and Duplex settings automatically.