Stranded Camel Please edit the last post to add things if someone hasn’t replied, by clicking on the edit link next to the time of your post. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Please help me, I need Freebsd Install network Driver. Is there a significantly improved version of the re driver in 9. The FreeBSD drivers for it are apparently not very good, from what my searches have turned up, and so I’m wondering if I can install a more recent kernel in FreeNAS in order to get an updated driver? That’s how I knew you’d responded to my post — I got an alert.

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Is it possible to install updated NIC drivers in FreeNAS?

Yes, jumbo frames were working for me but I never actually sniffed the network. Forums New posts Search forums. If you freenqs with it then lets just drop it and speak of it no more. The idiosyncratic posting style you seek to impose breaks a very useful forum function — the automatic notification of the person whose reatlek is being responded to. Joined May 24, Messages 9, Thanks But I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

Freenas Watchdog Error and other critical errors can occur when your Windows bug in the driver, you are also apparently running a non-reccomended hardware build.


The final issue was the motherboard’s on-board Realtek network interface. So many PPL driving past, just to gawk, but only one, an off-duty atheist, stopping to help. How do you know the installer froze? With this being the case should I be looking to install the new driver or start looking at. Joined Jan 22, Messages 4, Thanks If it has indeed frozen, t’s either due to the flash drives, or the media from which one booted from for the installer.

Joined May 28, Messages 8, Thanks 1, What did you do to compile?

Resources Latest reviews Search resources. I will eventually be installing FreeNas on this machine so I can use it for all of our home media. I really liked reading your blog post on this, which I found the link you posted in the FreeNAS forums.

Is it possible to install updated NIC drivers in FreeNAS? | FreeNAS Community

Your obsessive insistence on hounding people to post in the format that happens to be your own personal preference is extremely unpleasant for the victims of this behaviour. Status Not open for further replies.

You are convinced that your own personal posting style is the only valid one, and you realteo to force it on others. FreeNAS will take a decent amount of time to install to a flash drive and will appear to have frozen, but will eventually begin to show the percentage of the install progress.


A triple post is when a person posts the same thing three times. Got the kext installed and it works great with x58 ud3r. A compile version of the RealTek kernel module is available through this forum post.

Freenas install realtek driver. I tried installing the driver posted in this message: Which do you find more easily to read?

Install Ethernet driver on FreeNAS/NAS4Free (full-install)

Freenas Watchdog Error will appear and crash the current program window. Cancel realteek response to post 1. Cancel their response to post 2. If you launch the installer. Paste the text copied above before the text in post three. Joined Sep 6, Messages Thanks This bizarre insistence on attempting to force forum users to adopt an absolutely idiosyncratic format for responding to posts –a format used just about nowhere– contributes nothing to the forum, FreeNAS, or ixSystems.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. There is indeed a reason why forums allow editing — to fix mistakes, for the most part, and also to add things the poster forgot to include originally.