This Worked for Me! Then I changed all instances of to , not just the ones that read SC Same number of ink nozzles, dpi, etc. The Epson is not a PS printer. Privacy Policy Terms of Use.

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Click here to return to the ‘Add Axis printserver support to the Epson ‘ hint.

Epson Black Ink Cartridge TSC///SC –

Mac OS X Anyone know how to get this to work? Putting the original SC file back in place corrects the problem without a reboot I might add.

Same number of ink nozzles, dpi, etc. Anyone else with an AXIS get this hack to work?

Full page printing on Epson SC740

It may be possible to use this as a text printer somehow Every time I tried to add my printer to the print center it unexpectedly quit. They were using a different print server, epsob it seem to apply to the Axis as well. Is there a service utility that will give more status info?


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Odds & Ends: Epson 740 AppleTalk hack; Stimpsoft closes

You’ll need to work with a supported printer driver that is very similar in specs to the printer you have. Add Axis printserver support to the Epson Apr 03, ’02 Get a communication error when trying to print. Reboot — not just log out and back in, but a full reboot.

Read the rest of the hint for the details Add Axis printserver support to the Epson Authored by: Works fine to my network. All I can think of is that I somehow fried the print head during the initial cartridge change, but that seems unlikely. Sometimes you can get a hint by which other printers your ink cartridges also fit.

But, after that – no output at all.

I think I’ve tried everything I could find described in these forums, and still am getting no printing at all. This pretty much makes my life easier as I’m shifting most works to Mac from PC! Hints No new hints Comments last 2 days Privacy Policy Terms of Use.


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