While viewing the network properties, a Windows Network Diagnostic dialog box may appear indicating that Windows did not find any IP bindings on the failed adapter. Remove the old adapter from the team. When booting More information. See the Microsoft website for more information. Click the Modify Team tab. The primary adapter is labeled “primary”.

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Emulex OneConnect NIC Teaming and Multiple VLAN Driver and Application Release Notes

The delay ensures that the port is stable and reduces any port jitter that might occur. You should not disable an adapter port that is part of an Enter a unique team name using up to 79 characters. This causes any enhancements made to that name, such as the addition of a team designation, to be lost.

Upgrades are now transparently performed by simply installing the new kit. If this button is not active, the secondary adapter cannot be removed.

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Installing a boot partition This document includes the following topics: When the clients and the server are on different subnets, and incoming traffic has to traverse a router, the received traffic destined for the server is not load balanced. This interaction may result in a delay of up to three minutes per failover team while the Windows drivers are being loaded. In the discovery-tree, select the team node that you want to remove.


All rights reserved worldwide. Such an act may also lead to future teaming issues or even system instability. We cannot be held liable for any problems arising from. Legal Notes Unauthorized reproduction of all or part of this guide is prohibited.

Emulex OneConnect NIC Teaming and Multiple VLAN Driver and Application Release Notes – PDF

Update the ports on the new adapter to use the MAC addresses from the old ports. Discovery-Tree The discovery-tree left pane has icons that represent the host machine, teams, and adapters.

LACP team may not work properly with the Brocade switch.

With the host computer selected in the discovery-tree, click Restore on the General tab. Adapters that yeaming been disabled in either Network Connections or device. This adapter cannot be part of a team. Purpose of this document Creating an image of a model computer Setting up workstations as client computers Restoring client computers.

To check More information. Thank you for your interest in More information.


You can assign VLANs to teams or individual adapters. Tezming one of the following to select the Create Team tab: For example, select the Available Adapters icon to show an adapter listing on the General tab.

For more information, see Smart Load Balancing on page The General tab for the adapter is displayed. Turn on the machine. To choose a different primary adapter, select the adapter in the Team Members area and click Set Primary. User s Manual The software described in this manual is furnished under a license agreement and may be used More information.

Replacing a Primary Adapter To remove a team s primary adapter, you must first set a secondary adapter as the primary adapter. To check for more. This is required to comply with the IEEE standard.

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