Every Kickstarter copy of Fire of Eidolon will include an exclusive promo for our previous project, Darkrock Ventures! Enjoy the PnP kit and we’ll talk again soon! The Fire of Eidolon standee was changed to match the new final art for the tile. Manage your Game Collection , measure your progress across entire game series , even set scoring and completion goals and we’ll chart your attempts at reaching them! Could I have the same Fire of Eidolon standee instead of the one provided? During the manufacturing of Darkrock Ventures there was a technology failure that caused a delay.

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Michael Lipton Developed by: We are proud to be working with Panda Game Manufacturing again, the same manufacturing industry veterans Gamelyn Games, among others, have used to create their previous projects. Estimated delivery Aug Throughout the campaign we will add additional goals to meet beyond our base funding goal.

Click on the buttons below to visit our pages:. Name submissions must not clash with the fantasy theme of the game. Just tell us the Class and Name for each of your six heroes and we will send you your set early so delxue can enjoy them with the PnP while the main game is manufactured.

Thank you for your trust in us! We ran into a speed bump with Darkrock Ventures but it seluxe manufactured is likely to be in backers’ hands before the conclusion of the Fire of Eidolon campaign. So far we don’t seem terribly off target in the grand scheme of things, but a lot depends on the manufacturer and distributor after this stage.


The best thing you can do to help improve Fire of Eidolon is to donate or pledge. Every backer is important to us, regardless of location, just as much every pledge makes a difference, regardless of amount. If the download doesn’t work, or times out, please wait a little while and try again later.

It’s not as though you don’t have enough space to do this – there’s plenty of border room. Some pre-production and playtesting content may contain temporary placeholder imagery that will not appear in the final physical product which this campaign is meant to promote.

We will be present DAILY during the project to answer any questions or read any comments and we will provide regular updates and supply photos of the progress when possible. I’ll give everyone a hint, it’s another installment to the Super Nano Series! Ian Stedman Art by: Senua’s Sacrifice December If not, I can update the files for everyone this week. Previous Depuxe Status Darkrock Ventures: Deluse the extras as demo copies for your store or as additional retail product for your shelves!

We’ll keep you posted as that process moves along! Witness the introduction of the 34th Warframe, Gara, who manipulates glass to fracture the resolve of her enemies.


During the manufacturing of Darkrock Ventures there was a technology failure that caused a delay. We have also taken measures to prevent the same delays from happening ediolon.

Fire of Eidolon – Bit Inspired Co-Op Dungeon Board Game by Magic Meeple Games — Kickstarter

Adding additional copies of Fire of Eidolon will not incur additional shipping charges in this campaign. Click the link below. Fire of Eidolon pronounced Eye-Doh-Lawn is a co-operative, tile-placement, dungeon crawler board game. We will make sure everyone is kept up to date on the delivery schedule!

FoE Content Naming Terms: Bifford the Youngest on December 26, Otherwise, it’s lovely – I’ve printed it but not played it yet. Could I have the same Fire of Eidolon standee instead of the one provided?

Hello Fire of Eidolon backers!

If you have not, please see the previous updates with instructions to do so. Please do not hesitate to contact us on Twitter MagicMeeplefind us on Facebook. Funding period Jul 14, – Aug 13, 29 days.