The Bluetooth device is now connected to your Joybook. How can I improve the performance? Battery and power How long should I charge the battery for the first time? Refer to “Indicators” on page 10 for details. Capturing still images from movies 1. If Set Supervisor Password and Set User Password are both set, you can enter either one of them during the password prompt. Num Lock indicator Lights up in blue when the Num Lock is activated.

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The system recovery methods listed below are only available when your Joybook comes pre-installed with a Windows operating system. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the battery equipment manufacturer. Connecting to a wireless network: In general, if you have connected devices to both the S-Video Out socket and the pin D-sub video socket on the Joybook, the S-Video Out socket will be selected in first priority.

Refer to your wireless device’s documentation for enabling this broadcasting feature. At the end, he spend more money buying a notebook that has lower specification than mine.

Follow wlreless remaining on-screen instructions to complete the installation and setup. Posted on Aug 09, If this option is selected, all programs you installed or data you saved on the C: To change the location of the media folder, refer to “Changing the location of the media folder” on page Glede sistema sledite navodilom in opozorilom.


BenQ Australia Joybook S32 (BV13) Specifications – Notebooks – All Purpose – PC World Australia

For example, do not use the Joybook in bed where a blanket may inadvertently cover the vent and block the airflow. System resources are the amount of memory and hard disk space that your Joybook can use, which may degrade over time and affect the 3s2b performance.

How can this be resolved. Posted on Apr 01, Make sure you have connected the power adapter correctly to the power socket of your Joybook and a working electrical outlet, so the battery can start charging.

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Your Joybook will restart a few times during the installation. How can I reduce the wearing of the screen hinge when I lift up the lid of my Joybook? Tap twice quickly and hold the item, and then move your finger on the touchpad to drag.

For details, refer to “Adjusting video standards manually” on page Right-click the hard disk’s icon and select Properties. Apr 20 Try connecting it to an external monitor.


When inserting, pay attention to the direction of the memory module. Tip Useful information for completing a task.

The video file will be saved to a QShot folder that is placed on your desktop by default. Close the open windows to return to the desktop. Press the QShot button. To do so, follow the steps below. This post has been edited by hdx Place your Joybook on a stable, level surface, and ensure that the ventilation holes are not obstructed.

What is IEEE This is the default setting of the Joybook to conserve battery power. QShot is a quick access button on your Joybook that allows you to capture desktop images, still images from movies, and real-time images from QEye, with one touch. Look at all my stars!! Cancels minimization of all windows. Open the folder created in Step 1.