Wednesday, June 24, 8: I get the yellow question mark. Proposed as answer by aweng Sunday, August 23, 7: I have been using it for a month with no problems except one. Contact the sales of Beceem and ask for source code. The problem with the Beceem Wimax chipset is that there is not yet a driver in the standard kernel. I am using the device on another of my computers and it works well with XP.

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Beceem Wimax 00 Driver – soft-ix

We aimax out and reply time over ms. Monday, October 19, 7: Meanwhile, if this computer has another Internet connection, please run Windows Update and see if there will be a driver released. Well anyway, I finally broke down and called Clear for support after trying all of these steps, I ended up talking to a level 2 agent at their call center, and I have a new device on the way.

If you have both I hate this but – there are “two” devices, one that’s the actual hardware, the other is a “virtual” device – you have to delete the driver for both. TxPktThread D 0 2 f34cbf8c a7e6a7fa bfc0 c cbc0 cbc0 ce4 f34b f34b28a4 c1bfebc0 fea0 f f34cbf94 fe f34b28a4 Call Trace: Run IP refresh command Linux only linkstats: The latter is bsceem more flexible, especially if you might want to change parameters for the driver.


Recommended if Beceem Wimax 00 is the only driver on your PC you wish to update. Select Update Driver 7. Proposed as answer by julmen Monday, January 11, 6: May I know if the Wi-Max adapter appears with a yellow exclamation mark next to it in Device Manager?

USB WiMax Adapter Doesn’t work- any ideas

Since there is no Windows 7 driver for this adapter yet, please try the drivers for Windows Vista wimad Windows XP and see how it works. Proposed as answer by BhaktaTim Thursday, August 27, 6: Beecem driver submitted to Greg KH for inclusion in staging directory in next kernel version.

Print baseband link statistics resetstats: Sunday, September 20, 7: I eimax to compile the beceem driver of the link in google gruops but seems that i have an error: Could we configure usb of wimax to low speed??? Wednesday, August 5, I get to the point where its installed and it doesnt have any “!


You don’t need all that “Init2” stuff, abridge it to “ATE1”. I know I get a signal here cuz when I plug it in my laptop which has winxp I can connect right away.

Found on error obtaining child information: Sat Jul 23, 1: In any case, the device should be discovered by the driver.

becsem If your kernel was installed once per Debian package mechanism, you probably don’t need to do it again. Thanks to all for your input. The problem with the Beceem Wimax chipset is that there is not yet a driver in the standard kernel.

Let’s assume the driver name is “bcm” file “bcm. Wednesday, June 24, 8: In wimaxc I run: USB disconnect, address 6 usb Thank you for your posts. Most drivers can be built into the main kernel or built as separate modules.