Hang the unit on the DIN rail. On your computer, open a terminal command line session. Refer to the diagram on page 10 the characters in the diagram correspond to the characters of the steps , as you do the following: Target After you select a device or device group from the list in the left panel, this menu offers dialog boxes for viewing and configuring its or their properties. Click New to begin setting up user accounts.

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Continues on next page. When you have finished building all your atem tunnels, click Cancel to close the dialog box. Screw the mounting brackets to the back of the SN as described in step 1 of the wall mounting procedure.

Users can either click the wn3101 items or buttons to invoke the desired function, as shown in the table below: Hang the unit on the DIN rail. Installed as part of the Support Tools. Wall Mounting To wall mount the SN Make sure that the total of all products plugged into the wall outlet does not exceed 15 amperes.


Restart the LDAP server.

Serial Device Server

OpenLDAP Server Installation After downloading the program, launch the installer, select your language, accept the license and choose the target installation directory. This allows older serial devices to take advantage of modern methods of communication. This chapter describes the installation, features, and use of the utility. In a domestic environment this product may cause radio interference in which case the user may be required to take adequate measures.

Power on the switch. Unpack the file to a convenient location on your hard disk.

It covers all aspects of installation, configuration and operation. The default telnet port is The value in this field indicates the port sb3101 is being configured.

If your device outputs double spaced lines, it means that a line feed is automatically added to a carriage return signal. Use the Alert String fields to specify the alerts you want to receive. Administrative functions are explained in Chapter 4.

To configure the settings for a group, select it from the list in the left panel.

Screw the mounting brackets to the wall. It is divided into four main panels, as described below: The nodes in the tree are directory entries, and each entry contains information in attribute-value form. Open a terminal command line on your computer.


ATEN SN 3-in-1 Serial Device Server | eBay

In the Host Name box, enter the Internet host name of the server you wn3101 to connect to. This means that the user can access port 1 of all SN devices, but cannot configure any of them. The file on the CD will show an actual version number.

Remote Terminal Operation Overview. On the software CD that came with your SN package, locate the file: Click the Attributes tab. The meanings of the property settings are given in the following table: Save them for future reference. Ensure that the protective devices in the building installation are properly rated to protect the system, and that they comply with national and local codes.